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Online exercise classes

Throughout the pandemic, Jan Griffin has continued to offer free weekly 'Get Waisted' fitness classes to all who are interested - via Zoom. A massive thanks to Jan for keeping Fradswell in shape!

Classes take place every Thursday morning.

Contact Jan if youd like to join...its simple and fun.

Contact Jan

More about Frapfest!

Fradswell's desire to put its bumper crop of apples to good use has yielded a festival of fun.

Fradswell Apple Festival – or Frapfest – started in 2016, as a way to encourage people to bring their surplus fruit for cider making.

The event was such a success, that it's now become an annual event, organised by the Fradswell Cider Co-operative.

Frapfest evolved from a desire to use the bumper crop of apples we all had in our gardens and hedgerows. It seemed criminal to see so much delicious fruit rotting and going to waste.

In the intellectual atmosphere of Fradswell Community Hub Pop up Bar night, it was suggested that we start to make village cider.

That evening The Fradswell Cider Cooperative was born.

Research was carried out, equipment purchased, bottles collected and apples picked. We then needed to come up with an easy way for people to bring us their apples and for the cider-making to be accessible to all and Frapfest was born.

Bring along your apples and swap them for free bottles of Frapfest cider!

Its a great day out for the family. So much to watch and join in with. This year, as part of our re-opening party, we'll have a free afternoon hogroast too.

Try the freshly pressed apple juice!

The bar will be open throughout the event.